Room types

There are two main types of residence halls at CIU; studios and apartments. Studios usually do not have kitchens, except somewhere shared kitchen facilities are available. All apartments come with a kitchen and a shared living room. Free high-speed internet connection, telephone, cable TV and refrigerator are available in all residence halls. Rooms and common areas are cleaned on a regular basis. 

Fully furnished single, double or quadruple studio rooms have central heating and some offer air conditioning. Apartments offer single and double rooms in 2 and 3 bedroom flats. 

A discounted package program which includes tuition, room and board is available. 

Residence Halls are located centrally with easy access to the library, supermarket, laundry facilities, CIU Arena, mini cinema, various cafes and social hangouts.


New students can apply for accommodation either directly through university website, through representatives during application to a program or upon arrival on campus. If you are planning to stay on campus, it is recommended to select and apply for a room at an early stage due to limited availability of different room types. Students can get additional residence halls information by contacting the CIU International Office. The dormitory reservations of the students who complete their payments within the specified period after being informed about the room type and features in the available dormitories are approved by the Accounting Office. For students who want to cancel their dormitory registration, the conditions are explained in the Registration Commitment signed during registration.

Room transfer 

Students who wish to reserve their dorm room for the next academic year must submit their application to the Residence Halls Directorate before the end of the semester. If you request a room change after payment is made, you can do so subject to availability. First change is free of charge, subsequent changes are subject to a €100 fee. If the new room price is less than the initial choice, the initial price will apply. If higher, the change is subject to payment of the price difference.
Residence Halls Directorate has the right to make room changes when necessary.